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About The Artist

Hey guys! My name is Connor Barley, the owner and founder of BostonPots. I am currently living the millennial dream having moved in with my mom during quarantine and doing pottery in the basement. It's pretty tight. 

When not living with my mom or hanging out with my dog Bailey (pictured below), I work for a marketing software company called Klaviyo up in Boston as a Sr. Solution Architect writing code and helping close sales deals. I've built things from small scripts to full stack apps that enable our Sales team to do their jobs better. It has been an amazing experience thus far, and I'm even able to use Klaviyo for free to help drive this e-commerce store!

As some background, I grew up in Mattapoisett, MA (where I'm based out of now) and went to nearby Tabor Academy where I discovered and grew my love of ceramics which was heavily influenced by my teacher Kevin Arnfield (shoutout to Kevin!). I ventured on to George Washington University in DC where I was a coxswain on the crew team.

After GW, I moved on to teach Sophomore Biology at St. Andrew's School in Barrington, Rhode Island. I then discovered that I loved to code... so I taught myself in between teaching periods. From there, I was lucky enough to get a job at HubSpot on the Support Team, and then moved to Klaviyo, where I've been trusted for some reason with writing code and talking to people for the past ~4 years for them. 

Since the pandemic, I've had this itch to start my own studio and business and that time has finally come! I've got all the supplies ready to go and a new kiln that arrived in March 2021. I'm looking forward to getting back into ceramics and toying with some new ideas in the studio. 

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk - in the meantime, drop your email in the footer signup form at the bottom - I'll be using email a lot (considering I work for an email company) to communicate holiday deals, regular discounts, and maybe even some content to educate those who don't know a ton about pottery.


Oh, and here's Bailey as promised. She is my best friend: